Monday, 11 June 2012

Shoe challenge #23: Twirling colours

This outfit is so old, I can't even remember! I've had both the dress and the shoes for years now, and especially the dress is a "go to" piece whenever I don't feel inspired. And today was such a day. I overslept and it was a rainy day, which made it extra hard to get dressed.

Even though this is the easiest of outfits in my book, it still stands out in the crowd because of the bright colours. I was quite disappointed in the shoes though, as I remembered them to be quite comfortable. But because it had been a while since I wore them last, they felt a bit hard. Too hard, because I have a huge blister on my heel right now. Guess they taught me a lesson: I need to get them out more!

Dress H&M / shoes New Look (seen here).

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