Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shoe challenge #24: Pink lemonade

For the second day in a row the weather has caught up with me. I have left the house in the morning, completely optimistic due to the sunshine, online to arrive at work to rain and a gloomy sky. So I guess today's outfit looked a bit ridiculous, what with the summery dress and the bare legs.

After yesterday's blisters, I found some comfort in these brand spanking new neon pink flats. I was a bit worried this whole outfit would look too young for a 27-year old, but I felt so comfortable, I couldn't care less! I usually go for a more yellow-, white- or green-oriented look with my trusty lemon dress, but I think the contrast with the hot pink worked splendidly as well.

Cardigan E&M By Laetitia / belt Asos / dress (seen here and here) and shoes New Look


  1. I still really wish I had got hold of that dress when I had the chance - you look lo9vely and summery!

    1. I know what you mean, I still regret not buying the cherry print version of this... :( I love the fit and the tulle underskirt, it adds so much volume!