Monday, 9 July 2012

Carrie & Candy

Sometimes I'll just look at a shoe, and look at it some more, and wonder what I could write about it that isn't totally obsolete. Sure, I could tell you "look what a pretty shoe I'm showing you today". Or that I'm particularly taken with the studs on the back. With the contrast between the soft nude suede and the toughness of the heel. But, these photos speak for themselves, I feel.

I also feel like maybe Miss Selfridge has turned to Sam Edelman's designs for some inspiration. Especially when I saw this other shoe. The similarities are too small to actually point fingers, but still, I have a sneaky suspicion. That bow with the studs? Very Sam Edelman.

Of course, it goes without a doubt that both shoes are gorgeous. And at respectively £65 for Carrie and £58 for Candy, at least they're more affordable than Sam Edelman's shoes.

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