Monday, 9 July 2012

Shopping spree

Since my London shopping was kinda disappointing, I've been going crazy with the online shopping these last few days. I had counted on maybe buying a pair of Loubs, so I had a bit of a budget as well. I thought I'd give you girls a little preview of the shoes that are on their way to me.

First, I've decided to give Nasty Gal another try, since they really seem to be the online website who stocks up on those Rockette platforms I'm so hung up on. They did give me $25 credit though, after the last negative experience, so I decided to throw in a pair of these Bette crochet platforms as well, as they were already on sale and I really dig the ombre-like effect.

Next up I finally gave into the Asos Ablaze boots, in the scribble print. I'd been eyeing them for a long time ever since I saw them on this shoe girl, and they had finally come down enough in price to justify such a crazy purchase. I also scored some collateral damage (you're placing an order anyway, and suddenly these other things end up in your virtual shopping cart as well): Asos Prop courts in multi geo. With both shoes, it was the print that did me in. I'm just hoping I'll find a way to style them, as I seem to have gone nuts over prints lately.

And finally, I saw these new boots on New Look that reminded me so much of the studded boots from River Island aka "the ones that got away" (seriously, they're still selling on eBay for more than the original price), that I just had to have them. And I threw in a pair of Converse-like sneakers in a beautiful white broderie anglaise, since I'm wearing my turkoise pair a lot more than I would have thought.

How in the world am I ever going to bring the shoe challenge to a good end? (I am already way behind on my posting, I still have a couple of challenges to show you)

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