Monday, 23 July 2012

Shoe challenge #35: Bugs

Today was a very relaxed day. The boyfriend and I enjoyed a glorious day off, and as the sun was shining (28°C baby!) we ventured into town for some cocktails and a book. Summer is finally here! I saved these new orange flats today, with my bug dress from Istanbul, but since I didn't bring my proper camera, we had to make do with the camera on my Blackberry. Not the best photo, but a pair of shoes saved nonetheless! (and I'm hoping that the boyfriend will take pictures more often, but with my good camera)

On another note, my dad and I finally made a plan for my dressing room last week, so I'm hoping that I'll get to display all my shoes soon. I'm really getting fed up with having to dig through towers of shoe boxes and still not finding the pair I was looking for in the end. It's going to be awesome!

Dress from random boutique in Istanbul (seen here) / shoes New Look

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