Friday, 20 July 2012

What's new at Zara?

New collections are upon us, and thus there are new shoes to be seen and had everywhere! Zara has been pleasing me a lot lately, and their new shoes are no exception. I wouldn't know which ones to pick first. Or actually, I do know, because I'm quite sure that I'll be stalking my local Zara for these amazing Charlotte Olympia-esque platforms! I wouldn't know which ones I would choose! I love the tan ones, but I looooove the red heel on the sand-coloured version. Dilemmas! You can pick one for £50.

I also really love this colour blocking heel, even if the shape is a bit clumsy. I don't own any shoes with this silhouette (pointy toe and chunky heel), but I love the colour combination. These are also £50, and would work well with Mad Men-inspired outfits.

Next up, pink! Of course this bootie was going to make this selection! It wouldn't fit in with my personal style, but that doesn't mean I don't like to look at it. A pair of these can be yours for £60.

And last but not least: these festive peep toes. They remind me a lot of these Blink platforms, but honesty commands me to admit that I liked those a tiny bit better. Still, these would make a great pair for a night out, so if you like them, you can hand over your £40 to Zara.

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