Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Shoe challenge #37: Heart to heart

You guys, I'm well proud. After more than a year I figured out I can take pictures of myself outside my front door by putting my camera on the window sill. Sometimes I can be so silly (read: stupid), but at least I discovered it. Beats never discovering at all. And I only got "caught" once, by two cyclists who didn't even bother to find out what in the world I was doing.

Today I went with the fuchsia version of my Lady Dragons (I already saved my yellow ones) and I stuck with the team. If you've got pink and hearts, pile on more pink and hearts. It's very seldom that I wear this dress with different shoes than I usually do, as they seem to be meant for each other, but these work mighty well too.

As you know, I usually love wearing bright colours, especially in summer time, but this dress holds a special place in my heart, despite it being black. I guess it's the fun little pink hearts, as well as the 40s feel to it. And I just love simple fabrics, like this cotton blend.

I really feel like I'm on a roll with all this sunshiny weather going on, and I can't wait to tackle another pair of shoes tomorrow!

Dress no idea, bought at a festival (seen here) / shoes Vivienne Westwood x Melissa (seen here)

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