Wednesday, 25 July 2012

You asked for it

Look what popped into my inbox a couple of days ago. Oh, the irony! When I think about how much effort it took for those shoes to get here... But yes, you've read that correctly, they are finally here. I will have to reconsider buying from the States though, as I've been paying my ass off on customs fees and taxes. They almost cost as much as the shoes themselves! I've got the idea that I pay more whenever I buy discounted items, it's as if they add up the discount to the customs fees, and I end up paying just as much as I would have before the sales.

The Bette platforms are definitely a lot nicer than I had expected. For a purchase that was essentially an afterthought, they are stunning in the flesh.

The colours are much more vibrant, the crochet lace is gorgeous and elegant, and they'll look good even with tights come wintertime. And the best part? They are very comfortable, the US7 fits me perfectly as usual with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, and the padded soles make all the difference.

Bonus points for the major toe cleavage! Ssssexy!!

The pair of shoes that all the fuss was about, the Rockettes, are a bit of a letdown actually. They are gorgeous, as I was convinced they would be, but the sizing is completely off. When I tried them on this afternoon, it was tight but bearable. I could walk in them. Tonight, it has proven to be damn near impossible to get my feet in.

Lengthwise I can barely fit in them, but the problem sits within the very narrow toe box. My Daisy D's are narrow in the front as well, but at least I can get my feet in. I don't really understand the problem, as all my other pairs of Jeffrey Campbells are all size 7's and I've had no (real) problems with any of those. With the massive taxes I've paid for them, I guess there's nothing left for me to do but to try and stretch them out a bit. I'll keep you guys posted, that's for sure!

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