Monday, 27 August 2012

Shoe challenge #57: Do the peplum

I don't often jump on the bandwagon of trends (I think), but I was very curious to try out the peplum. I've been seeing it everywhere online (not (yet?) in the Belgian streets though) and I figured it might be flattering on my kind of curvy bod. And I know you just saw this red lace skirt recently, but I try to mix and match my clothes, and not wear them only one time on the blog. After all, this is real life blogging here yo! At least now you get a good peak of the intricate detail of the lace.

For some reason I'm always scared about wearing these. Maybe it's because I know that it would be so hard to replace them if they ever got "injured". Apparently they are going on eBay for as much as £130! I believe I only paid €80 or something for them, and they're the real deal, so I'm very careful not to ruin them in the rain or on uneven pavements. They're very ladylike, but also very vampy and vixen-y. For sure I felt like a million bucks today.

I did accidentally flash my belly button to some strangers while I rode my bicycle to the train station this morning though. The wind got a hold of the peplum, and whoopsiedaisy, there was my bare midriff for everyone to see! Oh well, it was worth it! I'm already thinking about buying another peplum top in a colour or a print.

PS: These photos were the first ones I took with my new tripod. Obviously it was still an experiment, but I can't wait until my remote control gets here, so I can really venture out.

Top and belt New Look / skirt Mango (seen here) / shoes Zara (last year's challenge)

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