Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Shoe challenge #59: Baby blues

Remember when I went on and on last week about not having matching shoes for this dress? Well, I tried, but I still don't. These Lindsey flats are more baby blue than actual turquoise. They don't match exactly, but the problem lies mainly with the belt, because I think these ballet flats match the dots themselves pretty well. But. BUT! I may look happy in these photos, but these shoes were murder for my feet. They are the king and queen of uncomfortable. Just another lesson learned, I guess, to check some reviews before I actually buy the shoes. Because, guess what, pretty much every person on the internet who has these, has warned the rest of the internet that they run very small. And oh yes, order a size up.

I wore them all last night with socks, and I thought they had stretched a bit, until I had left for work. And I got off my bicycle. That's when the pain kicked in. Luckily I had a spare pair for those rare moments when I had to walk more than a couple of metres. I was stubborn throughout the day though, by wearing them whilst sitting at my desk. They will be broken in, damnit! Victory will be mine (eventually).

They are pretty though. I love how the bows are a bit different from the "standard" bow. You can still get them here, but remember, buy a size up...

Dress and belt Dorothy Perkins (seen here) / shoes Carvela

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