Thursday, 6 September 2012

Shoe challenge #63: Hint of leopard

It's no secret that I pretty much hate trousers. I'd rather wear a bikini than jeans, it's that bad. I just don't think they do anything for my figure, as I have quite a bum and heavy thighs. But, like I said earlier, it was weirdly cold on Friday, so bare legs were not an option I'm afraid. You've already seen my evening outfit, so here's the day look. I wore this to work and as you can see by the background, I visited my mum this weekend, so my little doggy (he's so cute and I miss him so much!) made a surprise appearance as well. For some reason he always storms the camera when he hears the shutter click.

I wore my new peplum top and my trusty China shoes. These are one of those pairs that have emotional value to them and are comfortable on top, so if I'd have to get rid of all my shoes except for ten or something, these would definitely make the cut. Keepers, they are! My BFF bought them for me in China. She doesn't know much about shoes (although I make sure she wears nice ones, haha), but what she does know is that red soles are special. I love their classic shape, the black (fake) suede (I love the boldness of a black suede) and the little leopard print touches on the platform and heel.

And there he goes again! He hears the shutter click and he goes mad, I tell you, MADDD!!

And then he goes cute again. He makes my shoes look goooood!!

pink jeans Zara (seen here) / peplum top New Look (seen here)
leopard print belt Asos / shoes gift from China (last year's challenge)

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