Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Shoe challenge #69: White buttons

I love how you can style a dress differently by just changing up the shoes and the cardigan. Even with one of my more worn out shoes (I must've had these for five or six years now, and as they are a remnant of the "time before the mountains of shoes", these got quite a bit of wear in their days. Still, I love the retro feel of the block heel and the button detail over the toe, and I can't imagine getting rid of them (yet), even if the heels could do with a bit of sprucing-up.

Amber recently did a piece on wearing white after Labor Day, and I completely agree with her stance on the topic. As a non-American (we don't do Labor Day), I mostly just try to dress for the weather. As long as the weather keeps up, I will be wearing white (if I feel like it). Because that's just the kind of rebel I am.

dress and belt Dorothy Perkins (seen here and here)
cardigan and shoes New Look (last year's challenge)


  1. I used to have these shoes in cobalt blue patent! I sold them years ago, because they were just a little too low for me. Love this dress, it's really pretty.

  2. I remember I loved them in blue as well, but at the time it seemed such a waste to get them in both colour ways. (I was a much more conservative shopper back then, haha) I really love these white ones though, even if they're not as high as my usual skyscrapers, and I've even been looking on eBay for replacements, but so far no luck.