Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shoe challenge #68: Blink

I usually pair leopard print with the usual suspects: red, black, brown, denim. But I thought I'd put the versatility of this dress to the test and try it out with my new Blink leopard print courts. And it held up wonderfully! I really like the subtle unexpectedness of this outfit. Ladylike yet cheeky!

I wore this look for a typical weekday a couple of weeks ago: work and a sushi date with the bff. By the time I got around to taking photos, it was past 9pm and I needed to use the flash. Which is why my dress looks more baby blue than the turquoise it actually is. Or why my face is so shiny. And my hair looks an absolute mess, that too. Now that the boy takes most of my photos, I really hate taking them myself. After these shots I went straight online and ordered myself a tripod and a remote control. Just saying.

Now, I'm still not 100 % sure about the shoes. I've been on the lookout for the perfect pair of leopard print pumps for quite a while now, and after an unsuccessful stint with a Chinese buyer on eBay (the shoes ended up looking AND smelling unbelievably cheap) I ended up with these. Which are fine, I guess, but in the product shots they looked darker and therefore a lot more luscious. But for now they'll do.
On a more personal note, the reason I'm showing you old photos, is because my fears have proven just and the boy has been admitted into hospital with pneumothorax. He's had surgery this morning and he should be fine (he's had similar problems with his other lung just last year), but for the moment I'm staying at my mum's house with just a hastily packed bag, one pair of black flats and no camera. Luckily I still had some backup posts, so I'll try to bridge these couple of days and hope to be back soon with new fashion statements.

dress Dorothy Perkins (seen here) / belt Asos / shoes Blink


  1. You're right they look great together. Oh no! Hope the boyf feels better soon, that's not good news.

  2. Hey Gemma, good news, I can pick him up from the hospital tomorrow at noon. Can't wait to pamper him this weekend and smother him with my good care. :)