Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Shoe challenge #10: With a red bow on top

Jeans and tank top
(H&M), shirt (Zara)
and shoes (New Look)
It is a Ruby Shoesday and I just got new red shoes, so you know what that means! This morning it was quite cold and foggy out, so I decided to go with a simple outfit and make the shoes speak for themselves. And they did.
I already own these in pale pink (without the strap) and black (with a wedge), so of course I was doomed to absolutely love these. I prefer this leather look to the velvet, as I think it's more versatile as well as more practical in Belgian Autumn/Winter/Spring.

Don't you just love those little red bows peeking out?
I adore the colour as well. It's still a bright red, but I'd call it more of an ox' blood shade. Eww, that sounds dirty, but it's very pretty, I promise. I could've done without the thick black sole and of course you can't expect these to be the comfiest of shoes, but like my mother used to say (usually while she was combing the knots out of my hair): no pain, no gain. Even if literally in Flemish we say "those who want to be pretty need to be willing to suffer".

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