Sunday, 26 September 2010

Shoe challenge #9: Stripes, flowers and a spot of turkoise

Umbrella (H&M), scarf (Indian streetmarket),
top (Zara), skirt (WE), jacket (Rinascimento)
and shoes (Asos)
I thought I'd give the whole stripes and flowers combo a try. After seeing it on other people in the blogosphere, I quite liked it. I was very pleased with the result (even if my boobs appear to look ginormous in this top) and received a couple of compliments. I always love pairing simple black and white outfits with bright shoes, which I did once more. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me, so we had to take this picture with my phone, hence the lousy quality.
I could pretend I like all my shoes equally, but to be honest, these are definitely in my top 3. I adore the colour, not to mention the buckle detail and the fact that they're amasingly comfortable for a 5 inch/12 cm heel. I did get them with a 25% reduction and I could have getten them for less, but I just couldn't wait any longer.
Turkoise! And tiny buckles!


  1. Toffe kleur! Inderdaad, dat zijn de enige echte Antwerpse kaaien op mijn foto! En als ik me niet vergis, zie ik op jouw foto het Museum voor Schone Kunsten! ;-)