Tuesday, 5 October 2010

No Louboutins for Daisy after all...

Still happy at this point in the process
So, I was as giddy as a little child all day. Why? Because I had a distinct feeling my Louboutins were going to arrive today. And they did. (Actually it was my boss himself who delivered the package to me, which was quite embarassing) Surrounded by colleagues (we were having our lunch break) I opened the box, then opened the bag, then opened another box, carefully folded away the wrapping paper and then caressed the shoes before finally slipping them on my feet.
I consider this to be a very unflattering picture.
But, just had to show you what I'm talking about
And they didn't fit. I'm gutted. The sizing itself is fine, they are just too damn narrow. They pinch the side of my feet and even if I had them stretched by a cobbler, it wouldn't do any good. Because in fact it's the bridge under my feet that is too narrow. My feet look enormously unelegant in them, and that wouldn't change no matter what miracles my cobbler can perform.

You can't really tell from this picture (I took it with my BB),
but those slightly brown spots are actually glitter
Even though they are gorgeous and the colour is amazing in person, I'm not that happy with the finishing on them either. One shoe even has some stray glitter in the patent leather. Not quite what you'd expect from a designer shoe, even if it was on sale. You can say that I'm extremely disappointed, yes.

See that little bulge at the bottom of the heel?
This just looks plain sloppy
I'll try to put up some pictures with this post tonight, but tomorrow they'll be back out of the door. No doubt. If you'll excuse me know, I'll have to go somewhere and be sad. Well no, actually I need to get back to work, but I'll be crying on the inside...

*edit* I put the pictures online, but I had to take them quickly with my phone, and they don't really capture what's wrong with these shoes (according to me). In fact, it's especially the right shoe, but it doesn't even matter. All that matters that I'm just not as childishly happy with these as I expected to be. So they're going in the morning. Still gutted though.

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