Saturday, 9 October 2010

Shoe challenge #14: Leopard love

Dress, tights and cardi (H&M)
and shoes (gift from China)
My outfit for Friday night drinks. I absolutely love these shoes. And not just because my best friend brought them all the way from China for me. It was cute though. She remembered I have a thing for the 'red soles' and at the moment I was wondering if I could get away with leopard print, so it was the perfect way to start.
Grrrrrrrrrr!! Fierce!
I absolutely love this dress as well. I bought it years and years ago. No really, I was 17 or something. I've had it since forever. Even if it's kaki (so not my favourite colour), I like the cut so much and it's the perfect length. I do prefer wearing it in Summer though, without tights. Well, I saved the shoes. That's all that matters, right. Right?

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