Sunday, 10 October 2010

Shoe challenge #15: To the blue ball

Dress (handmade in Vietnam),
clutch (little shop in Slovenia)
and shoes (Bangkok, the label
says Princess)
I actually own three pairs of satin evening shoes, they will probably be the hardest to save. (unless I plan to wear them to work, which might very possibly happen towards the end) Luckily I had a good reason to dress up last night: me and the girls had a very posh wedding to attend.
This dress was handmade for me in Vietnam and apparantly the satin is impossible to take good pictures of. I originally intended to go with purple for the shoes, but decided to go with these blue ones instead, since I'd already worn them before to a similar occassion so I knew I could dance in them. These aren't as high as I'd usually go, but they're soooo comfortable and the knot on the toe is subtle yet striking.
They were quite a big expense while backpacking in Asia (not that they actually were, but backpacking changes your perspective on what's cheap), but I just had to have them because they reminded me of these.
Let's put on some dancing shoes!
All in all, the girls and I had a wonderful time: good food, good people, good music and a very happy couple. More people should be thinking of getting married and inviting me, that's what I think!

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