Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shoe challenge #13: Fuchsia fetish

Dress and bag (Asos),
bow tights (Accessorize)
and shoes (Ebay)
No better way to get those disappointing Louboutins out of my system than... pretend Louboutins! It's not the first time I'm wearing these fuchsia pink booties since I got them, but it's the first time I managed not to let them outshine my outfit. This frilly dress (and the bag) arrived yesterday, and I had been waiting for a while for it to go down in price. I got it for less than half of the original price, which for me is a huge score, even if I did pay full price for the bag.
The dress is not as shiny as it looks with the flash, but it is pretty sheer though. And the slip appears to be pretty short on me. Even if you can't really see it in the photo, I was worried my bum was showing the entire day. Luckily I get to sit down a lot at work. But I might have to consider buying another slip. Just to be on the safe side.
Right before I left home this morning, I decided to throw on a skinny belt and a fuchsia cardigan and call it an outfit.

Belt (Asos), cardi (gift, no idea where it's from)
People were watching me. At work. On the street. At the place where I had lunch with my best friend. Two girls actually managed to not only stare openly at all that pink, but to turn their heads again while they were walking away from me. There's nothing like hot pink to draw attention!


  1. I just got my pair of these this morning, I really like them =) the bag looks like a perfect match for them, very pretty!

  2. Oh, I sure hope you'll love them as much as I do. :D Very happy with the bag as well, like you say, they go perfect together. Even if people aren't used to that much pink all at once.