Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shoe challenge #16: Deep burgundy

Purple jeans (H&M), top (NafNaf)
and shoes (KENs)
Today started off as the most boring Ruby Shoesday ever. Obvious result of not enough sleep, and not enough red shoes. I went with a comfortable outfit and these burgundy courts, even though I'm not entirely sure they deserve to be saved. I can't remember the last time I wore them (combination of a midi heel, a simple shape and the fact that they rise to high over my feet, so no toe cleavage) and I might still get rid of them at one point or another. Suffice to say that when these bad babies arrived, I ditched the burgundy and pulled on the cherries!

Part of the Lady Dragon club
I have no idea why I got these so cheap. But they sure make up for those terrible Louboutins. (theoutnet.com did provide me with a very quick full refund) I think it must have been a tiny mistake on the Asos website, since they were only down to 43 euro for about an hour or so. But I took advantage of it as soon as I saw.
At least I was right to suspect that the white they were labelled as, actually turned out to be the pretty beige version. These are actually gorgeous and they received a lot of compliments from colleagues today. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the smell. The fake bubblegum smell. I could do without, but hey, everyone has a cold nowadays anyway.


  1. Ah, welcome to the club! I couldn't believe it when I heard about the ASOS price - seemed to have gone back up by the time I looked, so you definitely got a bargain: I absolutely adore mine, I wore them constantly this summer :) I've actually started to really like the smell, too: some days when I walk into the office, where my shoes live, I'm instantly hit by this bubblegum scent - I think I've started to associate it with happy things :)

  2. Yes, I know. It was such a coincidence, and I'm very glad I decided to order them instantaneously! I could've missed out myself.

    Well, maybe the sent just has to grow on me, but I sure am trying to fight the temptation of ordering the fuchsia ones, which I intended to buy originally... We'll see. Already splurged too much this month.