Saturday, 16 October 2010

Shoe challenge #17: Black and white

Shirt (H&M), skirt (Zara),
cardigan (no idea), tights (Accessorize)
and shoes (Irregular Choice)
I wore this outfit, with my Irregular Choice's Toodle Loos, to work earlier this week. I kept it all black and white for effect, except for the bright pink of the cardigan. I also did an effort to pull the different themes together: the little black polkadots on my shirt reflected the black and white checks of the shoes, and the shoes, the tights as well as my necklace had a bow on them. That's about as much of an effort I'm ever going to do people, better get used to it.

It's only now, after a couple of wears, that the shoes are starting to get comfortable. They fit like a dream and they have the softest velvet interior ever, but they are so freaking high! These are 4,5 inches high, no platform! So yes, even for me they take some getting used to. But with shoes this gorgeous and special, who cares?!

1 comment:

  1. love this outfit! i need some toodle loo's in my IC collection!