Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shoe challenge #18: Secretary booties go to work

Top (no idea), dress (Cassis),
tights (Veritas) and shoes (Ebay,
from somewhere in China)
I wasn't sure about this outfit when I wore it earlier this week. But I did get a few compliments, so even if I think I could've styled it better, at least it's another pair of shoes done for the shoe challenge. The thing is, I wasn't happy with these shoes when they arrived. And that's an understatement. But I even got some compliments about those as well. Maybe they look slightly less cheap-ass when they're on my feet. Especially my best friend, who has yet to learn to appreciate my usual crazy taste in shoes, liked these. I believe her exact words were "much better than those cherry ones". Do I need say more? Didn't think so.
The secretary booties at their arrival
I already bought a mustardy yellow longsleeved top to go under this dress (which I got from my mum just last week). I used to go to a uniformed school and had to wear a grey pleaded skirt with either navy or white. All day, every day. And this combination really reminds me of that period. It took me exactly eight years to start wearing navy or any kind of blue again, so at least I'll be doing it my way next time. So, with yellow. And maybe some boots. But not the grey ones.
At the moment I'm not completely sure if I'll get much wear out of these. I only wore them for two days and already lost one of the heel tips. Grmbl.

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