Thursday, 18 November 2010

Shoe challenge #27: Two birds of a feather

Jeans (Diesel), top (Next),
bag (Miss Selfridge)
and shoes (Shoesone)
I love these pink swallow monsters. I'm not sure whether or not I feel the same about the outfit though. I had been thinking about combining my swallows and my flamingos for a while now, but in my mind it looked better. Much better.
Truth be told, I felt rather frumpy all day long. I blame the top. There's something about having curves (aka boobs and a bum) that doesn't work with loose-fitting garments, especially with satins. But hey, at least I was comfortable! I might have to think about altering the beloved flamingo blouse though, make it hug my body a bit more.
Pretend Miu Miu.
On top of that, I needed to uncuff the jeans as soon as I went outside. It has become incredibly cold (almost freezing) and foggy out in the mornings, so I expect to be drowning in a sea of boots only very soon. Boohoo.
Anyway, I adore these shoes. It's not completely fair to opt for such a budget option instead of the real thing, but let's be honest, they don't claim to be the real thing either (not that the quality could fool you anyway). These were a total steal, but sadly Shoesone recently screwed up one of my orders and even though I got my refund in the end, the communication process proved to be quite a hassle.
And yet I am growing more and more fond of the golden flowers and maybe even the black cat ones. And a couple of other styles. I feel an order coming on soon...

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  1. Your post about the C. Siriano collection @ Payless yesterday inspired me to go check them out in person today, where I thought the CS ones were OK, but I fell in LOVE with these, which made me think of you, since they have such a shock of fuschia on them:

    Also, I love the ones you're wearing, and don't think you look frumpy at all in the top. :)