Friday, 10 December 2010

Hello new lovers!

Pretty much jumping up and down at this point
I was planning on working on an outfit post for my most recent shoe challenge victory, but excuse me if I got sidetracked there. Because there was a Solestruck package waiting for me! I was super happy with their delivery and not just because I was so very anxious to get those hot pink Wilmas on my feet.
Not only were they super speedy (US to Belgium in six or seven working days!), but my mum only needed to pay ten euros in customs taxes to the delivery guy. Score! Not only did I manage to avoid delivery charges, I paid nearly nothing on what usually adds up quite easily to 30 euros... But, let's just get on with the real thing, okay? I know you want to, I'm not going to let you beg. I apologise for the image heavy post in advance.

Waaaaaaaah!!! Look at the sheer madness of those Wilmas! I ordered them a size up, like I was told to by pretty much everyone, but I'm not sure if I needed to. These slipped right on like butter, without any effort whatsoever, and they're quite roomy so I'll have to wear heavy socks in them.

Leopard everywhere!
I just can't tell you enough how gorgeous these are, you should see them in the flash. The gorgeous furry hot pink leopard actually wraps around the entire shoe, even the bottom! The flash on my camera really doesn't do them any justice, as it makes them appear paler than they actually are. And trust me, these are the hottest pink you will have ever seen. Quote my mom: "You are out of your mind". Can you imagine she didn't even mean that as a compliment?

They are amazingly comfortable to walk around in, thanks to the platform, and I can't wait to take these out for a spin. I haven't quite decided if that's going to be tonight though. I'm just going out for a few drinks with my girlies, so that's a pro. But what about everything that could go wrong? It might rain! Someone might step on my foot and thus ruin the gorgeous pony hair! The new boyfriend might not like them, and I'll have to break up with him because of it! Can you imagine my dilemma?!

Just for $10 extra
And as a sidenote: I'm pretty happy with these gold wedges from Carlos Santana as well. They were the extra addition to my shopping cart to avoid delivery charges and they're actually prettier than I expected them to be. They have this gorgeous glitter in the cork wedge, which I hadn't noticed on the website but absolutely love.

Some bling bling
Too bad the straps are made for people with toothpicks for legs, since I can hardly get the strap to fit around my (not exactly fat) ankle. It's actually at the widest possible. Nontheless I have no doubt they'll do good come Summer.


  1. The Wilmas are so perfect I want to cry! I need to find a way to own a pair!!

  2. They're perfect! Wilmas look so good on your legs! I'm sure your new bf will be impressed))

    Congrats on your new ins, I'm gad you liked Wilmas as you expected!


  3. Haha Tali, you're definitely too optimistic. :) He's only seen them on photo so far, but he sure dislikes them, as I expected. He actually dislikes about half of my shoe choices, since he prefers a more natural look. But hey, that's his problem, not mine. ;)

  4. Hello, I love your blog!!! First time EVER commenting on anyone's blog! Is it possible if you could tell me what size shoe you wear and then what size you bought those gorgeous pink leopard Senso Wilma's in, please? I'm a true 9, or 39 in Senso's sizing chart. Don't know if I should get a 9 or a 10 because other reviews have said they run small. I'm trying to order a pair and am scared to order the wrong size and next thing I know my size is sold out!! Ahh! What's a girl to do?!

    Thanks so much! You look Fabulous!!!

    ~Jess Q.

  5. Hey Discoamour, thanks for the compliment. :)

    First of all, I absolutely adore these boots, even if they aren't suitable for every occasion. Normally I am a size 4,5/37,5, but I usually order a UK5 (US8), when shopping online. Since I was told that the Senso Wilma boots fit small, I ordered a size up, so a US9. Although I have read that other bloggers did need the size up, personally I could've done with the US8, since they are a bit too big for me now. I read as well that other girls have problems getting them one (something to do with the special curve of the front I guess), so I think it depends on the shape of your own foot whether or not you need a size up.

    Conclusion: I can't really tell you which size to order. I didn't really need to go a size up, but I seem to be the only one...