Friday, 10 December 2010

Shoe challenge #31: Shearling and lace and fur, oh my!

Cardigan and tights (H&M),
belt (Asos), skirt (Yumi)
and shoes (New Look)
Okay, true, you can't actually see the fur in this photo. It was on my coat. But the fact I managed to combine three 'hot trends' in one outfit today, deserves a little recognition. Anyway, here's my confession: after this painful disaster last week, these sheerling shoe boots have pretty much grown attached to my feet. I have worn these shoes every single day to work. Since last Thursday. And I've worn them out to the pub as well. Yes people, just take a minute to let that sink in. My colleagues are getting worried about me. Maybe the Winter blues are getting to me, who knows.

But they are so pretty. And they do well in times of snow. Or rain. They look good with trousers. And with skirts. And still I waited to show them to you until I got my new lace princessy skirt in the mail a few days ago. I've seen this kind of skirt on a lot of bloggers lately, so I'm being a bit of a fake, but I just love combining such a romantic piece with tougher items. Like these shoes.

I'm going against my instinct here, by wearing dark tights with a light skirt, but I love how this creme colour looks like those old curtains that yellow a bit with age. Only problem is that I only know how to work this with browns and pinks. I'm still looking for that perfect way to combine it with some bright colour. I'm thinking maybe some hot pink tights or something like that. Any other ideas?

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