Monday, 28 February 2011


Nothing to start a fresh week than a pretty pair of heels to get the mood going. The gorgeous ruby shoes, with crystals and all. So so pretty. A platform like that, not to mention the 6 inch heel, won't be for everyone, but these would make for a jawdropping evening shoe to compliment even the most boring of dresses. They are appropriately called Glace Cherry, and unfortunately cost no less than €172.

I have been drooling over the Kandee brand for quite a while now, since they specialise in bright, bold colours, which just so happens to be my biggest weakness. Heels and eye-popping colours, how can I possibly resist? Well, I have succeeded in doing so, but only because the crunchy peanut booties sold out almost instantly in the sale. I do love these Orange Sours as well, and at a pretty good price actually (€59), but helas, no more money for shoes this month. I will be strong. If you won't, go check out their shoe candy here.


  1. The orange pair I see is from Kandee, I had a rather bad expirience with their customer service.
    I do adore the red ones!


  2. Oh yes, I remember reading about your bad experience. What did you end up doing? Did you send them back? I read on someone else's blog that she was quite happy with the Kandee brand... :(

  3. if you look at pink-heaird princess' blog, i know she has a lot of kandee shoes! :)