Monday, 28 February 2011

Not just a shoe

I'm not sure how you would walk in these, no surprise they are called 'foot ornaments', and not just plain old 'shoes'. They are a work of art however, and I think these 7,7 inch platforms would actually look better as a show piece on a shelf or in a cabinet than actually on your feet, while unelegantly wobbling down the street.

These Dawn Ritual 'feet objects' are part of Aoi Kotcuhiroi's Exotic Regrets collection. They are made of urushi lacquered horns, urushi lacquered cherry tree and leather. I like the natural materials and the primeval look of them, especially the dagger shaped heels and the intricate weave of leather laces. Forget about the platform, reduce the amount of inches and then maybe I would actually like to wear these.

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