Friday, 25 February 2011

Shoe challenge #39: Colour blocking

Skirt (Asos), Tshirt (Dorothy
Perkins), tights (New Look) and
shoes (Irregular Choice)
Yet another shoe rescued. Ah, the altruism of it all... These are a rather recent purchase, but already I have worn them so much that the gorgeous purple (with little bunnies in tea pots, very 'Alice in Wonderland') soles have already faded beyond recognition. It's a pity, but then again, that's what shoes are made for after all.
I took a shot at colour blocking today, but I'm not 100% sure about the result. I feel like the outfit needed another colour, maybe some bright orange to break it up a bit? Different tights? I don't know, it was too early this morning, so I just quickly threw on a black cardigan and hopped out the door.

Maybe even more than these Irregular Choice Northern floral wedges, I absolutely adoooore this skirt. It's from the Asos sale and it's bound to attract a lot of looks. In daylight it's a really neon hot pink which just grabs your attention. Cheers up any bad mood, garanteed!

PS: Yes, I'm wearing legging underneath my tights, one of my many tricks against the cold.

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  1. These shoes are adorable, and I just love your pink skirt!