Tuesday, 1 February 2011

No more shopping for me

So. The sales. I'm sure they didn't go unnoticed for you either. I went a little overboard. I'm not even going to mention my London purchases, but I did buy a couple of things online as well. Well, why try to explain when I can just show you? First up, the nudes.

This is what I mean when I say I go overboard. Once I'm into something, I can't get beyond it. Last month, nude shoes where one of those things. Clockwise: brogues and peep toe Mary Janes from Miss Selfridges and slightly darker ballet flats from Dorothy Perkins.
I adore the look of all of these shoes (which goes to show how versatile nude really is), but I have to mention the disappointing quality of the ones from Miss Selfridges. They don't seem that well finished, with a couple of chips and stretch marks on the uppers. As they were on sale, it would've been simply too expensive to send them back, but I would think twice about ordering from them again.

Now. My Schuh shopping spree. All three pairs have been lusted over here before. The red ones are the sisters of these and just too crazy sexy. The Irregular Choice Northern Floral wedges have been smiling at me since forever, and of course I wasn't able to resist the bronze YSL lookalikes. I think the image above sums up my eclectic taste in shoes pretty swell.
Add to that the three pairs I bought in London (all of which I have still to wear!) and the current state of my bank account, and I've gone completely overboard. And it's time to stop. FULL STOP. I have been having very itchy fingers lately, but so far I have resisted and haven't bought even one pair of shoes since I came back from my citytrip.
I will continue with my shoe challenge, but I need to give up buying tons of shoes. I no longer have storage space for them and I'm even starting to forget about certain pairs, which breaks my heart.
On top of that, I may have found a house. A house that could be a home, and all mine on top of that. Obviously, once I get myself into a loan with the bank, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate me internetshopping until I drop. It's time to cut back, it's for a good cause, and I'll just have to keep on repeating that to myself like oh... a thousand times a day.

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