Monday, 14 March 2011

Shoe challenge #43: Boring office outfit

Top and tights (New Look), skirt (Zara) and shoes (Aldo)
I'm not too pleased with this one babies. In my head it looked a lot better, a whole lot less frumpy, mainly because I intended to pull another denim skirt out of my closet this morning. That's what you get for staying in bed 15 minutes extra, and then having to rush out the door. It'll teach me. But not really. I love my bed. And these shoes. They have the most elegant shape and a special colour that looks a bit like dried blood. I may be a bit macabre, yes. But they are still pretty shoes.

Anyway, I have another busy week ahead of me, not just because of the wedding of one of my girlfriends coming up next week. As the maid of honour, I still have to review the speech I wrote and to fix a nice surprise gift for the bride. On top of that, I need to get myself to the hairdresser's STAT (see pictures for proof), need to decide on the dress I'm wearing and go shopping with the boyfriend on Saturday, since he has nothing to wear (as a computer programmer, it may come as no surprise that he lives in jeans and tshirts).
But, as I've been telling the bride-to-be, this too shall pass and it will all have been worth it. I hope.


  1. computer programmer living in jeans and t-shirts?! How surprising. /sarcasm. I have one of those too, same wardrobe.
    Lovely shoes!

  2. Well, indeed, not so very surprising. He works from home too, so I'm already glad he actually gets dressed in the morning. :) And that neither the jeans nor Tshirts have holes in them (which used to be the case years ago). It took me quite a bit of convincing to get him to go shopping with me for a 'grownup' outfit, I'm quite excited to see him in dressy trousers and a buttonup. :)

  3. i do like the colour of these shoes, and i don't think that the outfit looks frumpy at all!

  4. Thank you. :p It's just from the front that I thought it looked frumpy, from the side it looks fine. Ah well, there will always be other outfits, at least the shoes are saved. :D

  5. I like your outfit, and these shoes are lovely! The colour looks really unusual.

  6. I didn't find your outfit boring at all! And your shoes are very very beautiful!