Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Shoe challenge #52: Fuchsia overload

Rain coat (George), jeans (H&M)
and ballet flats (New Look)
The shoe challenge is really coming along! I think I might be finishing sooner than expected, especially since I will probably be getting rid of some shoes when moving house in two weeks. This outfit is from last week, when we had a few grey days. Luckily we have nice sunny weather again at the moment, so I'm back in my lemon dress today, yippy! (more specifically with these shoes, but since this is a shoe challenge blog and not a daily outfit one, no pictures, snorry)

When thinking about what goes well with hot pink, I only have one answer to that question: more hot pink!! I could just pile on the pink until I'm about to suffocate in it. But suffocate in a good way, of course. I love how these New Look ballet flats have glittery jewels (big ass jewels, even!) on them. I'm not always one for the subtil approach. Oh well, who am I kidding. Subtil, me? Hahahahaha.

Here's my beef with this shoes. As you can see, they're already completely ruined in the back. The other shoe looks even worse! After one day of wearing them, the satin was completely rubbed through. Bollocks. No way to repair them either. I guess I'll only wear them with long trousers... Sorry pink bejewelled ballet flats, no skirts for you!

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  1. That is too bad about them falling apart. I love the really big ass jewels! That makes them great shoes in my opinion.