Thursday, 23 June 2011

Asos does KG's Minnie

Does this shoe remind you of something? Yeah, me too. The shape, the two tones, the oversized bow. Looks a lot like this one, doesn't it?

At first when I saw the thumbnail on the Asos website, I thought Kurt Geiger had released two new versions of his Minnie. But no, it's just a (almost) replica from Asos themselves. It comes in this black with white trim version, and in all nude. Both have satin uppers.
Then comes the price: £45. You'd think that's less than the original version, but no. Kurt Geiger is having a sale (I can't have any of it, since they don't deliver outside the UK - bastards) and both the grey and the peach Minnie are down in price: £45 for the grey, £55 for  the peach. No reason to go for the fakes, as there's still a significant difference in beauty. Then again, I would just go all out on these:

I can't believe it took me so long to write about the gorgeous new red/polkadots version. There's also a black version, both versions will cost you £80. Perfection, aren't they? (and they live up to the name 'Minnie' splendidly)

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  1. I really want the red Minnies. But they are just too far out of my price range at the moment. I seriously considered just buying them, overdraft be damned though. The Asos ones (and now Schuh ones) just cannot compare. I loved the Grey/Pink as soon as they came out too. And nearly bought those the other day, but had to leave them.