Friday, 24 June 2011

Finally, I found the perfect shade of yellow

Look what I found in my mailbox. Pretty huh? I just knew I couldn't resist them after I wrote about them here. In fact, they weren't the exact colour I expected them to be. They were described on the site as "corn yellow", when in fact I would call them mustard. Which pleased me a great deal, because of these. My heart has been aching ever since my mother forced me to get rid of them. They were worn to shreds, after all. So imagine my delight when I unpacked these, and they turned out to be the exact same shade but more adapted to my current preferences in terms of heel height. Also, I bought this:

And as I'm staying home tonight, since I've already seen the sun rise three weekends in a row, this is what I've been up to, hanging out by myself.

Hope you have a gorgeous weekend, they've promised us Belgians some very nice weather, so I'm hoping to get a few challenges through. And next week? I will be attending my little brother's graduation and after that, I'm off for a week Vienna!

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