Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shoe challenge #69: Bronze gladiator

I'm giving you all a very exclusive look into my life right here. This is what I look like when I come home from work. Obviously I wore proper heels all day, but as soon as I came home, it was chore time! I reorganized the dressing and did all the ironing. And yes, I only finished it all just now, after midnight. Oi, life can be hard sometimes. There was a particular reason for organizing my dressing, but we'll get to that later.

It's not the most flattering look (it did look better with coloured tights and black boots), but it does the trick just fine when you spend a couple of hours on your feet. Not a lot of people get to see these, they're strictly for household chores, gardening (as if I ever did) and long, long walks. They took a long time breaking in (the soles of my feet were ruined after the first day), but now they are comfy beyond words. Still not pretty though, but hey, at least my toe nails look cute, right? I love this baby blue, it cheers me up every time I look down!

Dress (H&M), shoes (Birkenstock) and nail polish (Model's Own).

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