Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shoe challenge: Update

I had a huuuuuge wake-up call last weekend: it's already July! Almost the end of it! Which means I only have about one month to finish my shoe challenge (I started on August 29th). Panic attack! So I figured it was time for some serious action, since I have to save a pair of shoes every day in August (and you'll be getting a shoe challenge post every day as well). Wow. Which is why I reorganized my dressing and put all the shoes that I have yet to wear in one place. I did discover that I left one pair of boots at my mom's and I have entirely misplaced my silver sequin shoes (no idea where they went!), which adds some extra difficulty to the already daunting task.

As you can see, there are loads of more neutral shoes left to save. I have five pairs that might prove to be very difficult, as they're extremely summery shoes. Unless the weather takes a sudden turn for the better soon, they may not get worn, and I don't think wearing them in the house qualifies for the challenge. In case that happens (who would've thought that our summer would be so rubbish?!), I might consider elongating the challenge by one week: the one that I'll be on hols in Turkey (beginning of September). What do you think? Cheating or necessarily bending the rules?

Check out this article about a woman who owns 1200 pairs of shoes, 700 of which are Louboutins! So jealous! It's time to win the Nobelprize and collect some money!


  1. i don't quite understand how the challenge works, wear them all in a year? i don't think i could manage that!

  2. @Char: That's the idea yes. The ones you don't wear during that year have to go (no point in keeping shoes you never wear). The problem is that I started out slow, but I have bought so many new shoes these past months, that right now it's catching up to me. Especially the peeptoes and summery shoes prove to be a difficulty. But, I'll manage, you'll just get an overload of outfit pictures. :)

  3. Good luck with the rest of your shoe challenge! Wearing a different pair each day in August really will be a challenge, but I'm sure you can manage it, especially with a lot of neutral shoes as they match so many things :)