Friday, 29 July 2011

Shoe challenge #71: Blushing leopard

Crappy photos, but you'll have to excuse me, it took these right before leaving for work. It was only when I got home late last night that I got to upload these and I really didn't feel like taking new ones after having lost count of the cocktails I had. :)
This was just a quick outfit: a silk dress and matching belt and shoes. I stalked this dress on the Mango site, but decided it was too expensive (€90) and too impractical (dry clean only) to order it. But then, two weeks ago when I went shopping in my new home town, I found it in the sale for only €26. I knew it was coming home with me, and I have tried to gently hand wash it instead, which seems to work as well. Both problems solved! It is so loose and breezy on your skin, and the detail of the print is exquisite, no choice but loving it.
I'm not too sure how I feel about the ombre tones my hair seems to be taking on. It's been a couple of months since I last dyed my hair and it must have been a lot lighter than my original colour, because since it's been growing out the difference is quite noticeable. I think I might have to fix it this weekend...

A quick closer look of the shoes, which are actually in my top 10 of favourite shoes. My friends think these are some of my only 'normal' shoes and I always get compliments about their 'ladylikeness'. They're extremely comfortable and are so easy to wear with pretty much anything (except brights, of course), but I'm always afraid to wear them in times of bad weather, out of fear for getting them dirty in puddles and ruining them. I took a chance, but only because I was forced by the shoe challenge.

Another never worn pair on my feet right now, so at the moment I'm completely on schedule and kicking this challenge's ass!

Dress (Mango), belt (Asos) and shoes (Dorothy Perkins).

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