Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shoe challenge #70: What's up Doc?

Didn't see this coming right? I used to live in Doc Martens. In fact, I was such a fan, I practically preached them religiously. Unless it was 30° or up, I wouldn't wear anything else on my feet. I wore Doc Martens to my senior prom. Granted, they did look great with my gothic inspired black gown. After I wore out two pairs (and I can tell you, that took years, they are probably the most sturdy and lasting shoes I've ever come across) I left my cherry red ones in Vietnam after a 18km hike in the mountains. My feet were bleeding, I was exhausted and I was angry at the shoes. Afterwards I regretted it of course.

So when I saw these in the sales last winter, I bought them. And then never wore them, since it was more of an emotional purchase, as if I didn't feel safe without a pair in my collection. I was worried Doc Martens wouldn't feel like 'me' anymore. But when Amber wrote about 90s fashion, I just had to bite the bullet. It was now or never. Ironically, I have felt more like myself today than I expected.

For a moment I considered pairing them with a typical outfit like I would've worn when I was 16-23, but I felt inspired by the gorgeous purple to give them the colour block treatment. I thought the orange dress would clash well with the purple, and the belt is a little nod to the yellow trademark stitching on the boots. Unfortunately Doc Martens usually take some time to break in and the backs of my feet are actually killing me right now, but at least the zipper (a relatively new feature) makes them easier to take off. Huge sigh of relief.

The colours in the outdoor pictures are horrible, but it was actually this gorgeous shade of purple that pulled me in. That, and the wonderful texture. I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot more wear out of these than I originally would've thought.

*edit* apparently it helps if you click the photos

Dress (Dorothy Perkins), belt (Asos) and boots (Dr. Martens).

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