Monday, 1 August 2011

Shoe challenge #74: Flowery goodness

Praise the weather gods: we're having a bit of sunshine! Not for long though, come Wednesday it'll start raining again. Until then, I'm doing my best to save the more summery shoes that are left for the challenge. Including these flowery wedges, a recent sales purchase from New Look. For only £12 I had no choice but to give these beauties a nice loving home. They're very comfortable and versatile, and easy to throw on without too much thought. Only one negative thought: the straps rise pretty high up the back of my legs and they rub them in a very painful way, just like these shoes. Any of you shoe loving divas have a solution to this reoccurring problem?

The purple of the t-shirt reappears in the flowery pattern of the skirt, which I had to safety pin to my waist, as it is a remnant of my slightly chubbier days a couple of years back. If I wear it without pinning it up, it hangs very awkwardly off my hips and at exactly the most unflattering length. Excuse the blurry pictures, but I was in a hurry to get out of the door. I had plans, you see.
I wore this comfy outfit to a sushi date in Brussels with two girlfriends of mine (nom nom!), which led to one too many drinks afterwards... We had some deep conversation and some healthy gossip, and I was glad that I had at least made some lazy effort on a Sunday when I ran into an ex-boyfriend of mine. Always important to look good at the right time. He was not the only one to complement on my shoes btw.

So worth their pennies!

T-shirt (H&M), skirt (WE) and shoes (New Look).

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