Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shoe challenge #83: Leather lady

This is very matchy matchy, even for me. But in my defense: I did not buy these items together, nor did I buy any of them in order to go with the others. It. Must. Have. Been. Fate. The shoes were an impulse buy from the Topshop sale, they were too 'Prada' to resist. The skirt was an impulse buy from eBay and was actually described to be brown. When it arrived, it turned out to be very eighties and more of a dark red though, which I was extremely pleased about. I have always adored leather in this shade, and I used to own a jacket in the exact same colour. Still, I didn't put two and two together, and so, while thinking about possible shoe saves, these shoes were steering directly towards the 'just throw on a little black dress' territory. Until! *enter drumroll*

I did my evening rounds yesterday. I have discovered that it's much easier to lay out my outfits the night before, and as I always decide on the shoes first, I take them out for a spin around my dressing room to see what they could go with. That's when these shoes met this skirt. Lo and behold: the leather skirt perfectly matches the little bow on the heels. And then it was just a matter of locating this top, which goes perfectly with the suede of the heels. And boom, that's how we got an outfit!

The shoes are really lovely in real life, they're one of the more classier pairs in my collection. I didn't use to like pointed toes, but on some shoes I can really appreciate it, as long as the toe isn't to long. The coral-y pink is soft enough to act as a nude, while not being too pale and still having some depth to it.

Skirt (eBay), top (Dorothy Perkins) and shoes (Topshop).

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