Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Shoe challenge #82: Pretty woman

For some reason I can't think of over the knee boots without thinking about Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, where she wore a pair of black thigh high boots with a broken zipper. My main interest in these boots of mine however, was the colour, rather than the OTK aspect. This purple is shockingly vibrant, even for me. I did score a magnificent deal on them though, as they went down in the Asos sale bit by bit, from £150 to £35 or £45.
I actually briefly discussed these boots here, as I was worried I wouldn't be able to include them in my challenge, since they are still at my mom's place. I was sure I've worn them once before though, and luckily I appear to have been smart enough to take some photos. Apparently around Christmas time, by the looks of the trimmings in the background. I must not have been very pleased with them, as I obviously failed to put them online, probably because you can't really get a good look at the shoes themselves.

I would have preferred these as simple boots, just under the knee. They can be worn as such, by folding the top part down, instant transformation! Here's the catch though. The suede (real!) is so buttery soft, that the boots can't hold their own weight. They won't stay up. Which is why I've worn them exactly one time. They were slouching down the entire day, which was very annoying, to say the least. When I wear them all the way up, the suede gathers all the way around my legs, looking very frumpy, and when I wear them folded down, they almost fall down to my ankles.
Months later, I haven't worn them again, but I haven't been able to part with them either. For the moment I have decided to save these, and I will see if my cobbler can find a way to reinforce them a bit, so I'll hopefully get more wear out of them in Autumn.

Skirt (thrifted), Tshirt (H&M) and boots (Asos).

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