Thursday, 18 August 2011

Shoe challenge #84: Rainbow bright

Excuse the pictures one more time if you will, again they were taken in the lift at work, on my way to yet another date. (yes!) The weather was lovely today, loads of sunshine, and I felt that I needed to take full advantage of it to dress up to the nines. To get a better look at the dress and its gorgeous turquoise colour, check out this post. The pop of turquoise in the heel of the shoes matched the dress perfectly. I felt sunny, cheery and pretty, which is always a plus. I had my mother cut my fringe this weekend and I coloured my hair yesterday, so that helped as well. It turned out a little bit darker than expected (intended?), but I like it.

Finally, after more than 8 months, I have worn these shoes. Why have I not before? Well, first of all because they were in a box and I kind of forgot about them. Second, well, because they're too small. But they were the very last pair and heavily reduced in price and I did fit into them after all, so I couldn't leave them behind. (now I would have been a stronger woman) But are they comfortable? Hell no! Are they at least more comfortable after they've been worn in a bit today? Yes! But I was still glad I had a spare pair of flats in my bag nonetheless!

Dress (Promod) and shoes (Office).

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