Friday, 26 August 2011

Shoe challenge #88: Counting down... 3!

Yet another half-assed post with lift photos. I bore even myself! For a day at work and another date afterwards, I went for the new leopard print dress again. Already it's such an easy piece to wear and I've worn it at least five times already since I bought it. The only downside: as it is silk, it's kind of hard to wash and maintain. We'll see. I try to do sessions now, where I wash all my silks in one go.
I've no idea why my foot looks so misshapen in this photo, but I do know that these shoes are hell. I bought them years ago (like literally, at least six or seven years ago) and I must have worn them five times in total? Every time I think this will be the time that I conquer them and will have finally broken them in and they will be comfortable from now on. But no. Every single time I'm confronted with the unbearable pinching in at least three different places. Per foot.

I used to have the boots version of these, in a distressed black, and those were one of my favourite shoes ever. I literally wore them to shreds, and somewhere in the process I decided that a brown ballet flat just like that would be a good investment. I remember these being quite expensive (as far as ballet flats go), about €70 or something, and that's the biggest reason why I never got rid of them before. But every time I've worn them, I think about passing them on. And this time was no different, I'm afraid.

Dress (L.K. Bennett via eBay), top (H&M) and shoes (Sacha).

PS: Only three more days and two pairs to go!


  1. you have so many lovley shoes you like to wear, i guess that if they are just painful, you ought to pass them on, ebay them perhaps??
    then again, i am the same, with shoes which i know will always hurt me, and i keep them anyway..

  2. Yes, I know. They might really go this time though. It's just that I'm going to get rid of three other pairs of nearly-never-worn shoes though, and those are also some of the most expensive shoes I own. There's a pair of Tommy Hilfiger boots that I really like, just not on me... Same with a pair of Miss Sixty peep toes and some bronze sparkly shoes. And I'm pretty sure there are even more pairs to go as well.