Saturday, 27 August 2011

Shoe challenge #89: Champagne

These satin peep toes were without a doubt the hardest shoes in my collection to save. Obviously because of the fabric, especially combined with the Belgian weather, but also because I had nothing in my wardrobe that matched the colour perfectly. I could have gone for a LBD, but I noticed the tiny hints of champagne in this dress (after I did my succesful trick of walking around putting the shoes next to the clothing). To be completely honest, I did not go to work in these. I had intended to, but right as I wanted to leave it started pouring again. Oh, only one more week until I can bask in the Turkish sunshine!

I love this dress, I do. I love the pattern, the poofy skirt and the quirky neckline, even if it makes the booby department look ginormous. Which isn't always good.

The shoes, well, let's just say they're not exactly the most comfortable ones. Not only did they cut my heel, they cut my toes as well. Not really the ones I would wear to a party, that's for sure. But hey, at least they're saved, I can think of occasions to wear them later! And now soon, the very last pair of shoes!!

Dress, belt and shoes (Dorothy Perkins).


  1. Oh neeeee! De kitchy olifanten zijn uit de doos gekomen! Alerte générale! ;-)

  2. Hello (: first of all, I love this outfit: you look amazing.

    Secondly: I'm doing GCSE textiles, and would like to include this dress as part of my coursework. Would I be allowed to use this picture of you for it? I also can't find it on the Dorothy Perkins website: please could you tell me what material it is, how much it cost, any care instructions? If it is sold online anywhere, a link would be fabulous. Thank you very much ^.^

  3. Hey Sarah! Well, I bought it in the sales a while back, and the label says 97% cotton and 3% elastane, wash at 40°C. Sure you can use my pictures, I don't have a link though, but I've worn this dress in another post as well (link is in the post). Good luck, hope to have been of some help!