Monday, 7 November 2011

Welcome to the family

Look what I found in my mailbox this afternoon! (Okay, these don't really fit in my mailbox and were acutally delivered at my work, but you catch my drift I'm sure) I was convinced my delivery from Kurt Geiger would arrive first, but I'm hoping my red Adelia booties will get to me tomorrow.
I must say, I am really pleased with these Sam Edelman Lorissas in real life. Sure, they were a bit of a splurge (which is why I'm so happy I went for the black leather version) but worth every penny. So far at least, let's hope they last a while before they start loosing studs or diamonds. You can tell that the shoes are made of good quality leather at least, and even the sole is leather, which is a real treat for me. (about half of my shoes must be New Look)

They're astonishingly simple and classic from the front, but it's all party in the back baby! Watch me walk away...

Now I just have to find an occasion to wear these (a night out, but without too much walking or dancing to start), but I'm sure I'll soon think of something. I can't wait until I get my dressing in order so I can put these puppies on display!

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