Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Studded lookalikes

Love these Christian Louboutin Alti 160 pumps, just like I do? Don't have $1495 lying around gathering dust, just like I don't? Well, I feel your pain, but I do have an alternative solution on hand.

See a lot of differences? Because I don't. Just a few:
- Obviously the sole: the Louboutins feature their trademark red soles, the Kandee Diamonds flaunt glittery silver ones.
- The uppers are crackled silver rather than the shiny mirror-like silver from the Louboutins.
- The Louboutins have more studs, and are more 'lined up'.
- The Kandee Diamonds have a hidden platform, as opposed to the visible platform on the Louboutins, which is slightly smaller as well. If I had to make a wager, I'd probably say the Kandees are going to be a little easier to walk in.
- The price! $1138 to be exact. At £230 ($357) the Kandee Diamonds aren't exactly cheap, but they're still a lot cheaper than the original.

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