Thursday, 15 December 2011

Dressember - the 14th

Oh, how I wish you could have seen this outfit in broad daylight, it was so much better. I actually felt quite smug about it, since I managed to match my nails, my belt and my shoes. And oh, how I love the colour purple with lime green... Winter colour blocking at its finest... It's glorious!
You can't really tell from this crappy photo (I just got home from a late dinner + drinks with friends I hadn't seen in quite a while), but I'm wearing my bondage shoes from Feud and the dark teal sister of this dress. I've worn the grey one so much in the couple of weeks since I ordered it, so when I say the blue version I immediately I ordered it, since I desperately needed (I use that term freely) a blue day dress. All my blue dresses seem to be cocktail dresses so far... And okay, this one is particularly short, but as long as we're young, right?

I paired it up with tights in the exact same shade of blue-ish, a lime green cardy and the purple belt that I also just got in from DP yesterday.

Dress & belt: Dorothy Perkins - tights: Asos - cardigan: Zara - shoes: Feud.

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