Monday, 10 September 2012

Shoe challenge #67: The blues

I had a bit of rough day today, as some things happened this weekend that left me feeling quite miserable. I'm not sure how things are going to pan out in the end, but we still have to get dressed every day, right? I could still only manage a hint of a smile though, as you can tell.

I think the colours give my mood away as well. I rarely dress in something so sombre, but I just veered towards this navy dress this morning. I don't wear it that often, as I'm usually not one for the frilly bits, but it was comfortable.

The shoes however are definitely not the most comfortable ones in the collection. I'm afraid they've become quite stiff, I think from a lack of wear. I'm not sure if wearing them will reverse the process though, we'll have to wait and see.

dress Asos (seen here) / shoes New Look (last year's challenge)


  1. Hopefully things will look up soon. I have days where it's a complete struggle to muster up a smile for the blog, but it's funny how we still do it! I think the distraction proves quite welcoming sometimes, but please don't feel you need to blog so often/or at all, we'll still be here when you get back to it ; ) As a sidenote, you look absolutely glorious in this outfit, the colours really suit you.

  2. I know, blogging can be such a welcome diversion, but lately I've been really focusing on getting my shoes saved (I'm still only about halfway through actually). And as I'm currently stuck in my home town for the evenings, with little to no wardrobe, I'm kind of stuck with blogging too. Luckily the boyfriend will be coming home this weekend from hospital, so I'm hoping to kick my shoe saving back into gear. :)

    Thanks for your compliment btw, I don't usually wear a lot of navy. I used to go to a catholic school where I had to wear a uniform every day (grey pleated skirt with white shirt and navy sweater and coat), so after six years of secondary school I was quite fed up with navy. But I'm slowly easing back into it, after ten years or so. :p