Tuesday, 16 October 2012

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Shoe challenge #83: Neon

Old photos, again. A week or three ago I was lucky enough to catch one last day of (tentatively) sunny weather and I immediately whipped out these Not Rated peep toes, which, having light fabric uppers and it being well into September already, were in dire need of saving.

These are exactly the kind of shoes that I love. Elegant, in a totally-in-your-face kind of way. Without the neon, these would just be pretty (very pretty even), but with it, these are amazeballs. I implemented my usual tactics: if the shoes are too much, pile on more on top!

Obviously I also love the attention they get from people on the street. And I'm pretty sure these could save lives (well, mine at least) in traffic, seeing as they're so bright, it's impossible for drivers to miss me on my bicycle!

dress Folter (seen before) / cardigan Mango / watch Kipling / shoes Not Rated

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sorry, we've moved!

But no worries, I'm not gone, you can still find me and my shoes here. It's not all pretty and done yet, but that will come over the next few days. Be sure to add the new url to your blog feed!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Shoe challenge #82: Orange flare

Right after my Carvela Grass wedges arrived, these Dorothy Perkins wedges went on sale. They're pretty much the same shoe, in an equally vibrant suede, real leather and marked down to £17. Let's just be honest here, I couldn't not buy them, now could I?

I bought the dress in last year's sales, but I hadn't worn it until now. I thought it complemented the shoes perfectly, it was comfortable, and I got lots of compliments in the pub. And just like that, the weekend has come and gone again.

dress Closet / shoes Dorothy Perkins

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Shoe challenge #81: Party in the back

Words cannot describe how awesome these shoes are. I'll tell you that they are so awesome, that I really needed a second pair of Lorissas. Oops. I especially adore the element of surprise: all business in front, party in the back.

I'm still denying Fall with bare legs and peeptoes, and so far I haven't had any trouble doing so. We're even supposed to get a sunny day tomorrow, so who knows what I'll pull out of my hat next?

Friday was the first time I ever wore these shoes to work, or even in the daytime for that matter. I'm happy I did though, because I'm sure I'll wear them even more now. I've worn them lots for nights in the pub, and my friends are always asking me about them whenever I'm not wearing them. They're a real hit with most people.

And why would they not? Like I said, they're awesome sauce!

Skirt and jacket Zara / sweater H&M / shoes Sam Edelman

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shoe challenge #80: Navy 'n stripes

I don't have to tell you that these photos are from a couple of weeks ago, do I? I think the spot of sunshine gives the game away... As you can also tell, I really do love my Dorothy Perkins dresses. You may remember I was on the hunt for the perfect pair of navy pumps a while ago, and these are what I eventually ended up with after a little browsing the eBay. These peep toes are from River Island and had never been worn (that's how I like my eBay purchases), and I just love the cutouts and the ribbon bow on the toe. They have kind of a ladylike, brogue-ish feel to them. Close-up here.

Surprisingly, you can even glimpse some sunshine in these photos. At work (in Brussels) that day, I saw nothing out my window but grey clouds and oncoming rain. A bit more up north (20 minutes outside Brussels, the centre of Belgium), and I was greeted by the sun when I came home.

As much as I do love this dress, this particular day was kind of windy (as most days have been since then) and, well, let's say a couple of people caught a glimpse of my underwear. I ran into some friends on the way home, and when I saw them later that evening, they even commented on my skirt flaring up, oh the horror! Who knows who saw?! And I wasn't even wearing my nice underwear damnit.

Anyway, I'll still be pretending to be enjoying Summer for a little while, since, well, I have no choice. I think I've gotten through the last of the peep toes, and I'm now working on the suede ones. I have a lot of work cut out for me before Winter is allowed in!

dress and belt Dorothy Perkins (seen here) / cardigan Mango
shoes River Island

Friday, 28 September 2012


Yes, I'm wearing these to work today. With fluo orange nail polish. Because I can. Full outfit post coming soon!


A friend posted these on my Facebook wall, and I couldn't keep them all to myself, now could I? They must be the perfect start to the weekend! Sadly, there's not much known about these awesome T-Rex shoes, but if you know where to get them, please leave me a comment because I would rock the hell out of them!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shoe challenge #79: Blushing

Not a lot to say here. I got rained out on my way to the train station this morning and again on the way home, which made me very pleased that I didn't make too much of an effort getting dressed today. In fact, I just recycled this dress from the weekend, threw on a blush cardigan and grabbed some neutral shoes on my way out the door. Luckily I grabbed patent ones though, as the current weather would've been disastrous to the suede shoes I originally wanted to wear.

I think that blush patent might be one of my favourite uppers though, after red suede of course. I prefer a pinkish blush to the usual nude beige. I especially love the ladylike feel of these courts, I always feel that way with brogue details. Last year these got saved fairly late in the game, mainly because I don't wear them all that much. They're that kind of shoes that only fit whenever it's rather cold and my feet are little bit smaller (I'm not the only one who has this, right?), so I figured that after I fit into these yesterday, I had to take advantage of the situation.

Sadly, the colours in these pics are horrible, but well, it's quite late and honestly I can't be bothered.

dress Mango / cardigan H&M / shoes Miss Selfridge (last year's challenge)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Shoe challenge #78: Layers

I don't wear these half-wedges nearly enough, but to be brutally honest, they don't always fit. Luckily today was a good day, and the squeezing was limited to a minimum. Like last year, I paired them with turquoise. These shoes have quite an effect and they do get lots of looks on the street. I love how you can't see all the differently coloured layers from the front. I love sneeky little touches like that.
It was the first time that I wore this skirt, since it's quite a thick fabric and therefore not very suited for hot weather. But now the weather has taken a turn for the worst and this skirt has the loveliest movement to it (perfect for twirling!), so I'm guessing it will become a staple piece this Winter.

skirt Red Label / cardigan New Look / belt came with this dress
shoes Office (last year's challenge)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shoe challenge #77: Dots on dots

Finally I can call these babies mine! I've been on the hunt for a pair of Minnies for a while now, and like a couple of other scores this month I'm pretty happy to be checking these off my wishlist. They're not quite as comfortable as I expected them to be (I'm usually pretty chuffed with the fit of Kurt Geiger shoes), but that's mainly because the inner sides are still quite stiff and rigid. It'll probably get better with more wear. That said, I'm a bit surprised by how big these look on my feet. Oh well, still pretty! I especially adore the oversized bow and the angular shaped heel.

As far as the dress goes, I can't even believe how long I've had it! For a while there it got stuck in my wardrobe, but since the big move last year this one has been going strong in all kinds of outfits. Like I said in the last challenge: the rushing drapes beautifully over my tummy, hiding possible food babies, which is always a huge plus. And I think the two polka dot prints work splendidly together, especially with the splashes of red. Very happy with this look, signature Daisy! As you can tell, I'm still being stubborn and refusing to wear tights, in spite of being almost blown away by the fall storms that have been hitting Belgium the last few days.

On other exciting news: my dad and my uncle are installing new furniture in my "shoe room" tonight, so you better be ready for a photo overload soon! The thought of displaying all my shoes and neatly colour coding my dresses is already making me giddy! I've got butterflies in my tummy just fantasizing about it. (my god, I am a freak)

dress 3Suisses (seen here) / belt New Look / shoes Miss KG

Shoe challenge #76: A quickie

Another pair of electric blue heels, which I wore with my red shirt dress for a day at the office. Since I just swapped the shoes, I figured there was no need for a full outfit post. I took quite a risk by wearing my blue suede shoes today, as it's bound to be raining on and off all week. Luckily I only ventured outside during the dry spells and these shoes survived the day (and the shoe challenge) just fine.

shoes New Look (last year's challenge)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shoe challenge #75: Pattern overload

Stripes, floral and bows, oh my! We had a nice sunny (yet rather chilly) day on Saturday, and I took advantage of it to save my new Rocket Dog slingbacks. I'm pretty excited that the blue sequins on my skirt photographed so well, so you can clearly see why I chose electric blue shoes with an all black and white outfit. I have thought this through, you know.

I really adore the big ass bow on my tshirt, but I also think it might be a bit much with the wide black belt. But that belt was a necessary, lastminute addition, as the outfit just didn't work without one. Since I'm spending the weekend away from home though, I had to rummage my mum's closet and this was the best I could dig up.

Of course, a little twirling was in order.

I spent my Sunday in a swimming pool (indoors, of course), so no outfit posts there, but I'm saving another pair today. Reaching the seventies in my shoe challenge, and especially passing the halfway point, has really got me motivated.

skirt WE / top New Look / belt my mum's / shoes Rocket Dog

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Shoe challenge #74: Grass

You guys, I've been feeling kind of down. My personal life is a bit upside down right now, and I'm not sure how much of it I'm willing to share on this blog. Let's just say I went out with some friends on Friday night to get my mind off things, and well, it helped. Lots. I've gotten pretty good at handling the punches life throws my way, and I've pretty much got the "carry on and live life, because things still need to get done" attitude down to a tee. If life hands you lemons etc etc...

Anyway, the shoes. These are one of those pairs that I finally got to cross off my wishlist, and I knew I wanted to make them the focal point of the outfit, so I paired them with a little black dress. I love this Mango dress to bits, because of its simple, slightly 50s shape, and I figured it was due a night out on the town anyway.

dress Mango / shoes Carvela / doggy mine

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Shoe challenge #73: Working girl

Here's the outfit I wore to the office on Friday. I've decided to revamp some stuff that's been in my wardrobe for ages, but never gets out. This little jacket is such an item that I've kept over the years, but have only ever worn once or twice. I've already come up with a few more ways to wear it, and I'm pretty sure it would look great with a little belt.

It was also a first outing for my nude Lornas, which is kind of scandalous. I got them back in November and although their metallic sisters have already been worn a couple of times, these have been neglected. Which is a shame, as they really are stunning. I'm just so glad that I still got to wear them with bare legs.

skirt Mango / shirt H&M / jacket Only / shoes Sam Edelman