Monday, 13 September 2010

Every day should be shoe Christmas

I usually have my online purchases delivered at the office. For practical reasons, of course. By now, my colleagues know me and my shoe addiction well enough to actually bring me my packages when they arrive. Today was no different. I wasn't even in my own office, when one of my colleagues brought my package over. Within a minute everyone else was standing around me as I was opening my boxes. It was like Christmas. Oh, I wish it could be Christmas like that every day... Too bad my bank account couldn't handle it!

Bargain of the century
It were my Rocket Dog booties and the red peeptoes from Asos that arrived. The booties are everything I hoped for and more. They are a bit snug, and I hope I'll be able to wear socks in them once it gets colder, but they are the most gorgeous midnight blue. The picture (taken with flash) does not do them justice. And to think that they were the very last pair left makes me like them even more.

I feel a Ruby Shoesday coming up!
These were my extras when I ordered the booties. You know the drill: you're buying one pair of shoes, and then you remember those other shoes you've been eyeing and you just can't resist the urge. And if you're buying shoes anyway...
They were finally priced down all the way to 20 euros, so I couldn't not buy them. Just look at that peeptoe. The platform. The straps. The slingback. And of course that gorgeous vibrant red. Shoeporn alert! And... Tomorrow just happens to be Tuesday...

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