Monday, 1 November 2010

Shoe challenge #22: From rockabilly to electro

Dress (Hell Bunny),
bow tights (Accessorize),
belt (H&M) and
shoes (Dorothy Perkins)
What do you wear to an electro dance party? Why, a fifties inspired rockabilly dress of course! What else? This is actually the first time I wore this dress. In hindsight, I think it would look even better with a more pinkish/less purple shoe, or with these. But, like so many others among you, I'm not too sure about combining peeptoes and tights. I'll definitely give it a try though, once we've passed the tights required weather.

Pin-ups and flowers all over!
For this look I decided to whip out the red lipstick as well, it really complimented this look. And I have decided I should really wear lipstick more often, it makes you feel that much more ladylike and sexy without having to make too much of an effort!

Yet another bow
These purple platforms were on sale at Dorothy Perkins a couple of months ago, and I love the bow on the side. Even if they do look a little cheap and cardbord-y, in a way (from afar) they kind of echo these beautiful babies. And now I really need 700+ euros to buy those pumps.

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  1. Oh, beautiful! Really great dress and very very beautiful shoes! But I have to thank you for the hint about the tights! I was looking for some like yours and didn't find them (Asos has, but then shipping, etc...) Now I know where to go (this afternoon!) Thaaaaanks!